Your Child’s Habits

Good Ways To Respond To Bad Habits

We’ve all seen kids with bad habits.  The child biting his nails, twirling her hair or worse yet… picking a nose.  If your child is among those struggling with one of these habits, welcome to the club!  You are in surprisingly large company.  Learn more about the most common childhood bad habits and how to replace them with lifelong, good habits.  Your child need not be the one teased on the playground for still sucking his thumb or join the rank of adults who still pick their noses (Yes, it’s true!  Learn the percentage of adults who admit to that particularly bad habit!)  There are good and bad ways to respond to your child when it’s time to give up a bad habit, and in the same way we teach our children safe seatbelt habits, we can help them overcome some of the little bad habits that find their way into childhood.