A Parents Guide to Surviving the Teen Years

Surviving the Teen Years

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were changing their diapers? Remember when stomping off to time out and coaxing your little one into another bite of green beans seemed the hardest part of parenting?  Welcome to the teen years.  Perhaps made a bit easier by realizing you’ve survived the ‘tween years!  You’ll need a few tips and ‘big picture’ parenting principles when it comes to surviving … no THRIVING in the teen years, and that’s what you’ll find here.  Ideas for how to remain close to your teen even as he or she pushes away, ideas for conversation starters and when to worry.  You’ll find a ‘broad, brush strokes’ image of what you will one day remember as gently as you remember the diapers and the days of time out.  Parenting, the hardest job with the highest stakes, and you can do it!