Thank you Jackson!

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Dear Jackson,

I LOVE Christmas!  Everything about the holiday season has something good to enjoy now that I’ve figured out some really important things.

I love this time of year not just because of the giving part (although, that is pretty good, too)  but also because of the ways in which we step out of our ordinary routine.  It’s often hard not to be drawn into the whirlwind of it all…but its important to choose wisely.

“What goes around, comes around.” my grandmother was fond of saying.  When I’m mindful of choosing how I spend my own time and gifts and resources, I choose the wonderful smells of your Be Thankful candle, and I stop to enjoy that quiet moment in what is usually a busy office day.  At home, I choose to open the big box of Christmas story books that I’ve collected over the years, and I read out loud to myself (or to whoever is listening!) after supper.  I choose to bake Christmas cookies and eat them hot out of the oven BEFORE supper!

I choose to experience my favorite Christmas season outside of the whirlwind of the commercial side of things.  And you know what?  The greatest gift I get is from my own family…

My children are beginning not only to notice and appreciate that I understand the buying and wrapping and the packaged up side of the holidays, but that I cherish the experiences side of this season so much more.

So to you, young man…as you celebrate your first year of living, I send you the gift of these words and the blessing of good health.

Fondly, Dr Smith

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