Holiday Gift Giving

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When I mentioned to a colleague that the practice was sending a gift to the families we care for, there was a moment of surprise.

“Why?” was his response, and for a moment, I had to stop and let the hundreds of reasons melt into coherent speech. “Because the families send me gifts all year long, and it seems their generosity has been inspirational!”

One of the best parts of being a pediatrician is receiving notes and pictures from parents. For me, they are priceless gifts sent throughout the year. Parents write the funniest things their children say after a memorable trip to the doctor’s office. They invite me to share in magical photographic moments… when a new life arrives in this world…a first step…the first tooth…team sport pictures…prom dates…graduation. The list goes on and on. Until now, those words and photographs remained in my top desk drawer.

This year, I was inspired to return some of the joy we experience in seeing your children shine. There is nothing sweeter than a healthy child’s smile,as if to say…sure I eat my vegetables and get plenty of rest! That’s why I look this good!

It’s hard work to parent the smiles we’re sending to you. I am more and more certain though as time goes on, that we are all called to see the real benefit that comes from making a child’s health and well being top priority. At this festive time of year, I hope you will enjoy the gift our practice is sending to you. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the reason to send it!

Healthiest Holiday Wishes,

Gayle Smith, MD and your Partners In Pediatrics



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