Right Brains & Benjamin Zander

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I love classical music. I love lots of different styles of music, actually. People who find my taste in music interesting are the ones who have whittled things down to minds that have a preference for right brain or left brain thinking. My left brain: it’s organized, methodical, standing in straight lines with all the laundry sorted, washed, folded and put away.  (It’s often also good at doctoring.) My right brain: it’s exhausted from a day of parental lists and medical decision-making and is often in search of some creativity. What color does dinner feel like tonight? Can we play outside? Where has all the music gone?

In the wake of complexity, I often relish the opportunity to take a break from my left brain. It makes things lighter and often crystal clear. New ideas, innovative thinking often emerges in the notes of a musical composition. And so I listen to my children play music. Tthey have given me some of the greatest insight into new ways of thinking.

I thought you might like to join us in the living room today. We’re hosting Benjamin Zander at our piano with his shining eyes. He’s the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, and a true gift.  It’s a short twenty minutes to take you a bit of a distance from health care …into a place where your creative right brain understands that “all shining eyes matter.”

Our words and our kind deeds matter.  His is a worthwhile gift to open.  It focuses attention, on well being and healthy living in a way that the changing health care landscape will never be able to do.

“Who am I being that my children’s eyes are not shining?” ~Benjamin Zander

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