Jaime Oliver and a Food Revolution

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He said, “Raise your hand if you know a child. That child will have a shorter lifespan than you will have.” And Jamie Oliver didn’t blink an eye in making that bold statement because, by many standards:  it is true. The average child who is alive today today will live fewer years than his parents.  That is SHOCKING to me.

The nationwide epidemic of obesity and its complications are well known. The energy and enthusiasm though of this British chef with his very realistic solution is inspiring, and it offers one solutions to the predicted mortality statistics.  Teach kids about food.

This month, Oliver is preparing television programing to kick off what he’s calling The Food Revolution. Using his TEDPrize of a million dollars, he’s chosen the unhealthiest city in America to educate, and I believe he will inspire a nation to do what we should have done 25 years ago.  We can take responsibility for what we feed our families and make more choices for healthful, non-processed foods.  It can and should start with what we feed the children we love,

Click on this link and see a preview.  Watch now, and set your TiVo for all the episodes on ABC.  What are you feeding your family?

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