The Tour de Harrison

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I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Harrison Strickler. Harrison is a hero. Every year in June, he organizes this amazing bike ride to raise money for those in the medical field working to find the cure for cancer. Like HIS hero, Lance Armstrong, Harrison is a cancer survivor. As a middle school student in little ol’ Richmond, Virginia, he is changing the world, and mostly because cancer sent him down the bike path of understanding and acceptance. Cancer is a lousy diagnosis to hear, and remission is the gift at the end of a long, uphill pedaling ride. I suspect deep down inside, Harrison knows every kid who is asked to ride that diagnosis into remission is going to need a lot of people around to care.  

So care, he does. He invites as many people who will listen to dust off a bike, dig out that bike helmet and open up the checkbook. It’s fun and for a good cause. This year, the Tour de Harrison is taking place Saturday, June 5.  Register 3-4pm, Ride at 4pm and dinner afterward is provided at the Virginia House on Sulgrave Avenue. I’ll be there.

Won’t you join us in caring about kids…all of them, not just the ones with cancer. You can donate and support those of us biking, or you can ride with us.  I promise it’s a day your family will always remember.

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