The Power People Need To Hear From Us

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Something really important will happen next week in Richmond, and if you would like to be a part of shaping the healthcare options of our children and grandchildren…

You have to write to the Power People.  They are meeting to consider building our new children’s hospital.

Imagine what it would look like.  They are the Power People.  They arrive at work tomorrow; people who can give the nod to building an independent hospital for Richmond’s children, and they find hundreds and thousands of emails from parents like me… people who have heard that there’s money to build a new children’s hospital… and we are all writing to ask for help.

Imagine what the Power People might do when they see this ground-swell of parental hope, of heartfelt commitment to our children…dedication to the idea of having a really kid-friendly hospital just for the children…

Do you think all our letters will melt hard hearts?

Do you think seeing the children’s faces and hearing their stories will sway the stubborn ones to FIND a way to build a new hospital for the children?

I think so.  So I’ve found photos of my children…those really cute ones that melt my heart, and I’ve written kind words for the Power People about my children.  I’m telling my children’s story, and I’m reminding the Power People that they now play an important part in MY children’s healthcare story.  I may ask some of my patients if I can tell their stories, too.

EVERY DAY until TUESDAY, April 16, I am writing to the Power People.  That’s the day that they all get together and talk about important things… like should we build a new hospital for the children.

I thought about posting an example letter to send to these Board members, but the facts are part of my DrDownload blog week after week.  Pick a few that matter to you by clicking on the link above if you want. Or you can read more at the website; these are some of my doctor colleagues who have gotten on board with the cause.  In my heart though, I know that it will be our stories and the faces of our children that will soften hearts.

If the decision to build this new hospital is based JUST on the money and power, it will never happen.  Sadly, for the children…I know that it SHOULD not happen if the Power People can’t move beyond those two driving forces.

It will not be until the grownups can look at the children and hear their stories and believe that they are worth the hard work of collaboration… that our youngest ones will have the hospital that they so richly deserve.  I have never stopped praying.  And believing it’s possible.  And writing.  Won’t you join me

Here are the Power People as best as I can tell:

Dr. Michael Rao           

Dr. Sheldon Retchin    

Delegate M. Kirkland Cox

Delegate John O’Bannon

Senator Donald McEachin

Dr. PJ Coney                 

Dr. Michael S.Gonzalez

Dr. Anton J. Kuzel        

Dr. Bruce Mathern      

Dr. Susan Roseff          

Margaret Lewis    

Chris Broughton-Spruill    

Peter Bernard    

I’m stuffing envelopes for some of the Power People because they prefer Snail Mail.

Mr. Robert M. Blue

VCU Health System Board of Directors

1630 Pope Avenue

Richmond, VA 23261


Ms. Katherine E. Busser

VCU Health System Board of Directors

1 Lower Tuckahoe Rd. W.

Richmond, VA 23238


Ms. Lakshmi Challa

VCU Health System Board of Directors

Challa Law Offices

5040 Sadler Place Suite 200

Glen Allen, VA 23060


Mr. Thomas N. Chewning

VCU Health System Board of Directors

4800 Locke Green Circle

Richmond, VA   23226


Dr. John Doswell

VCU Health System Board of Directors

6010 St. Andrews Lane

Richmond, VA   23226


Mr. William M. Ginther

VCU Health System Board of Directors

2605 Autumnfield Road

Midlothian, Virginia 2311


Mr. Thomas E. Gottwald

VCU Health System Board of Directors

4601 Lilac Lane

Richmond, VA 23221


Ms. Lillian L. Lambert

VCU Health System Board of Directors

9455 Deer Stream Drive

Mechanicsville, Virginia  23116


Dr. W. Baxter Perkinson

VCU Health System Board of Directors

10620 Cherokee Rd.

Richmond, VA  23235


Mr. John Sherman

VCU Health System Board of Directors

5 Mary View Drive

Richmond, VA 23226


Mr. Stuart C. Siegel

VCU Health System Board of Directors

800 Old Locke Lane

Richmond, VA 23226

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