The Flu Fighters Club.

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When I saw the Earn Your Stripe Campaign encouraging all health care providers to get a flu vaccine, I knew it was a great idea.   And your Partners In Pediatrics are 100% protected.  We live by example!

Preventing influenza has a public health champion in the folks at the CDC, and they have made it a point to challenge all healthcare providers not only to get a flu vaccine, but also to increase the number of people who are getting vaccinated.

We began to brainstorm ways to ensure our patients had ample opportunity and encouragement to get a flu vaccine. What could we do to be part of the process to increase vaccine rates?  When in doubt, ask the kids!  “You could try to change the experience of getting a “yucky L “ vaccine into something else, something like … you know, like fun and cool.”

… Uhhh, sure we could!  That’s a GREAT idea!

We decided to give it a try!  What would it take to change the way our patients think about flu vaccines?  Could we create an experience for our practice families where prevention was fun?  We are the doctor’s office where smart, cool kids will be staying well this winter so it was certainly worth the effort.  Could we create a club of committed young idealists out to change the misperception and misinformation surrounding influenza?  Everybody agreed the cause was worth the effort.  Watch how we did it!

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