The AAPExperience Is Doctor School.

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When my kids were small, they called it Doctor School. I’d go away to a conference every year to learn new ideas and become a better pediatrician. I always want to be an example to them of life-long learning.

The American Board of Pediatrics certifies that I am maintaining competency in my profession.  They ask all pediatricians to have continuing medical education, and then we take a very expensive test on a regular basis. Other than the expensive part, I love learning so I don’t mind at all. I’m  grateful to a different organization, the AAP, for putting together the best conference to help. They call it the AAPExperience.

Every year, I feel like a kid in the candy store when I look at all the presentations that are available to attend! This year, I’m looking forward to lectures on probiotics and infant nutrition. There’s one on ‘brain pain’ (migraines) and another one on updated approaches to constipation.   I can’t wait for a presentation on the mind-body connection and an integrated approach to helping children with it. There is an interactive learning session on helping parents of children with special needs as they struggle with eating, sleeping and pooping problems.

It occurred to me this year (after I left for the conference) that it might be fun to involve families in suggesting topics I might study. Imagine as a parent, if you could ensure your child’s pediatrician would self-educate on topics that would benefit your child. I think so highly of the doctor-patient-parent partnership that I just may do that next year. I’m interested in feedback if you want to post a comments. While I’m at ‘Doctor School,’ if you are interested in what I’m learning, check the practice Facebook page and the Twitter feed.

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