Swine Flu Empathy

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Swine flu has arrived in my household, and this I know for sure: I used to feel sympathy for the patients who contracted the virus and for the anxious families who couldn’t find a dose of vaccine for children who desperately needed it. Now, I can empathize. Flu is miserable, and my son is finally over this HORRIBLE virus. Now my husband has it, and the rest of us are hoping our vaccinated bodies can meet the challenge of wellness.

What’s a mother to think? This Dr. Mom thinks that prevention is paramount. Understand how the virus is spread. Vaccinate if you are able, and use the most important weapon anyone has: Common sense. It trumps panic every day of the week.

And BE honest. Mothers KNOW when our children are coming down with something. If your child is not well, don’t send him out to infect his peers. There is no test or field trip or office meeting that cannot be missed. And there is never a good time to be sick. So plan ahead. Got Gatorade, Jello and chicken noodle soup on hand? You’re tempting fate if you don’t stay prepared!

May you never have to share the experience of our household. But if you need a dose of empathy to make it through this flu season, we’re here for you. Compassion works at least as well as Tamiflu .. for most people anyway.  And it never upsets your stomach.

My son pointed me to David Bolinsky’s illustrated explanation of how flu spreads the day his fever broke. He needed some inspiration to remain at home and not head back to school too soon.

You may need some inspiration, too.  Share this video clip with your children, and email it to their school.  It’s gone viral!  And on that bad pun of a note…I’m signing off.


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