Safety & The Intentional Summer

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Hearing a lot about summer safety? This time of year, the media is full of reminders for us, but don’t get distracted by the signal to noise ratio.  This safety stuff we write about is important!

A few pearls to create a safe summer.

These ideas are a Must Remember:
• In a child’s hands, there are no safe fireworks. They’re fun, but they’re not safe.
• Sunscreen. Sun-protective clothing. Sunscreen. More sunscreen. Did I say sunscreen? Sunscreen reapplied. (Skip the sunscreens with chemicals that aren’t good for you or those that don’t last very long.)
• Think about pool safety. Beach and ocean safety, too. We call it being a Water Watcher.
• Kids and grownups need bike helmets. Wear them. Enough said.

But what about summer fun?

Are you being purposeful about creating some fun every day?

It’s a valid question, and I’ve been so inspired by an old New York Times series called The Intentional Summer, that I’m asking that question again this summer. What are you doing to take full advantage of “the gift that is summer?” Times reporter K.J. Dell Antonia and colleagues write so beautifully about creating time to be together during the summer months, to slow things down and to enjoy more than just the out-of-town vacation days.

One thought came to mind as I organized my thoughts for this blog.  I realized how often I say that my summer is “flying by?” No doubt, it goes by fast, but I want to work harder to enjoy the longer evenings and the joy that comes with these fast, fun days.  I made a promise to myself when someone asks how my summer’s going to respond by telling about things we are doing rather than lamenting how fast time flies.

Back to being safe this summer.  Parents are bombarded by experts telling us the many things that can go wrong when we send our kids out to play.  There are blogs and articles and advice, all dedicated to how we can protect our children from everything. I’m one of those experts, and I believe in safety so don’t misunderstand. My point is that I want as much thought given to safety as to being outside having fun. BUT I don’t want to lose sight of this glorious Summer-Forest for all the trees that our children might fall out of!  Life is about balance.  No pun intended!

Build the treehouse. Teach safe climbing.

Wear the bike helmet, and go outside to ride a bike someplace you usually drive to.  Or check out the wonderful Capital Trail (an amazing set of bike trails that stretch from Richmond to Williamsburg.)

Be purposeful about creating each and every day for your family this summer, and try to do lots of it outdoors. And take your sunscreen. The healthiest summers are intentional.  Now go outside and play.

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