Measurably Happier

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As we plan for summer fun in my family, I’m mindful of my children’s overall health, too. I buy the ‘right’ sunscreen, I insist on strong, safe swimmers and try not to worry about anyone drowning. We eat TONS of Farmer’s Market fresh fruits and veggies, but this summer we’re adding something new.

Based on fifty years of research, we are practicing gratitude. There’s real research that people who practice gratitude have measurably more energy, better sleep patterns and overall, are healthier. Watch…

My children point out that I often say, “Tell me something good.”  Maybe it’s because deep down inside, I have internalized some of this happiness research without ever knowing it existed.  I love it when science proves those things that need no proof!

My grandmother often reminded me that chores will wait, that the children grow up very quickly, and that there is good in every day to be savored. In her memory, I bought a Gratitude Journal today.  I’m thinking that we will keep it on the kitchen table all summer. Every day, I’m going to ask for help adding ‘Three Things.”  One of my “good things” will be the time and opportunity to write this blog.

Teachers all worry that kids will lose the skills they worked so hard to develop during the school year, and I’m hoping that our Gratitude Journal will prevent some of that.  We can practice spelling, counting and we’ll definitely use some of the leftover art supplies that came home this week!  Check back at the end of the summer to see how we did. It’s going to be our healthiest summer ever, and I’m certain we will be measurably happier!


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