Health and Well-Being Portfolio

As a feature of membership in our practice, we will have your children’s health story created for parents to keep at their fingertips. Our member families can carry a flash drive with their children’s immunizations, growth charts, last physical exam results, a summary of episodic illness care, and any lab work or X-rays that have been done.

Our health care providers will review your child’s complete medical and surgical health history and compile it together in a format that allows you to have access to your child’s important medical records when you need them. No more calling for camp physical or daycare forms. Simply access on your home computer and print! An emergency room visit? No problem, your child’s last tetanus shot is available at a moment’s notice.

In addition, our yearly offer is to meet with families to help set goals for overall health and well-being. Resources for nutrition and exercise, family enrichment, childcare resources and school supplemental activities all form the platform of our commitment to your child.

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