Anything Good With A Good Night’s Sleep

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I have affectionately become known to my children as the Sleep Police.  And I have been waiting for some great video clip on YouTube that summarizes the early, but emerging research on the importance of sleep to vindicate my grandmother.  Sleep really is important.  She was almost infamous for shooing her eight children to bed at a decent hour and willingly listening to them complain about cod liver oil mixed in with their orange juice the next morning.

It may seem that I’m trying to make a career with my writing skills, correlating the wisdom of the former generation with the science of the current generation. But, I’m not.  I’m just trying to get my own children to bed at a decent hour and feed them something other than poptarts when they wake up refreshed the next morning.

It’s harder than you think…on both counts.

But here’s what it looks like when you wake up with a good night’s sleep (before you eat the PopTarts!)  And I feel certain that if I could bottle and sell what it is that begins a day like this young lady… as she adequately summarizes things…”I can do anything GOOD!”  It wouldn’t have to taste like cod liver oil mixed with orange juice…but it would celebrate the importance of omega-3-fatty acids and a good night’s sleep.  Thanks for letting me be your child’s best advocate.  A pediatrician.

Next week, be sure to swing by for my take on the importance of the power of positive thinking.

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