7 Reasons To Choose A Concierge Pediatrician

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As a physician and a mother, I’ve got a lot of experience on BOTH sides of the stethoscope. While I see patients every day in my concierge pediatrician office, I also make appointments to see the pediatrician for my own kids just like every other parent.

Here are 7 reasons I want concierge healthcare for my kids.

  1. My time is valuable. And my kid’s time is, too now that I think about it. Nobody wants to sit in a waiting room. The varsity soccer semi-finals start in an hour, and I arrived on time for our 2:00 appointment. Concierge doctors don’t keep you waiting. They allow extra time for the unexpected, and they never double book patients.
  2. It takes time for a meaningful doctor-patient relationship to develop, and my kids need more than eight minutes with their doctor to get past the fact that … well, they’re not a fan of doctors. I want them to see the same doctor time and time again so that a trusting pediatrician-patient partnership will form. One thing I know for sure: the very best healthcare arises whenever there is a strong Doctor-Patient relationship.
  3. Over time, doctors who provide a child’s entire healthcare, sick and well, get to know their patients better than the doctors who only sometimes see a child. Familiarity means my child’s doctor doesn’t forget the colicky phase or the picky eater phase when we’re struggling with something new. Seeing the same doctor again and again means someone is counting up all these ear infections and recommending tubes when it’s appropriate.
  4. I want a doctor who knows how to advocate for my child if a subspecialist is needed to listen to that heart murmur or to remove tonsils and adenoids. Concierge physicians know how to make the medical system work for their patients, and it can be a big, overwhelming medical system sometimes. I want my child’s doctor to tell me who the best specialist is. Same for school. If my child has a learning special ability, I want the pediatrician to weigh in at school recommending accommodations to benefit the whole child: mind, body and spirit.
  5. I want individualized care for my kids. That used to mean a care plan that considered my child’s unique needs, but it means much more than that now. Cutting edge technology uses genomics and genetic testing to tell which medicines will work best for my child. That’s individualized care in this modern era of healthcare, and I want that level of detailed knowledge along with the medicine that will work best for my child.
  6. I want to talk to my child’s doctor when I need something. I hate “press-1-press-2-and leave a message for the nurse.” I promise, I won’t abuse the privilege of calling and will always be respectful. We’re all busy, but too many folks consult Dr. Google when they can’t get to a human physician they trust.
  7. Give me lots of ways to communicate with the pediatrician in this day and age so I can choose the best one for me. Email and texting are tools I use every day, and I want to use them with the pediatrician’s office. In addition, and concierge pediatricians know that I get information and share ideas on Facebook and Twitter so they have a social media presence I respect.

I want my children to have the best, and I’m no different than any other parent. As a concierge pediatrician, I have the advantage that comes with being a ‘medical insider.’ I know and understand what top-tier medical care really looks like. If you are trying to decide about investing in your child’s health, I hope my story helps you to make that important decision when you choose your child’s pediatrician.

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