The First Hundred Days.

We call it the Fourth Trimester.  Your baby will teach you something new every day, and we’re here to help translate!  There will be appointments at the pediatrician’s office in numbers similar to the obstetric visits (but in reverse!)  so let’s get started!  Call today to see what we are all about.

The Big Day!

When your new baby arrives, your obstetric provider will have the pediatrician notified and share all the details surrounding your labor and delivery.  The baby’s physician (and we hope you’ll choose us!) will visit daily as your new baby transitions to life beyond the belly.

An Important Decision.

Once you select your baby’s pediatrician, you’ll want to let everybody know.  Your obstetric provider as well as the pediatrician’s office will all want to be prepared for your big day.  We love getting ready for the birth of our new babies.

We Call It A Prenatal Consult

We think it’s really important to meet the physician who will care for your new baby before the baby is born.  The bond that develops between pediatrician and parent is an important one.  Come see if we are a good match for your family.


The stick says, “Yes!” You’re pregnant! And we are SO excited for you.  This is an amazing time in a new parent’s life, and we know you have so many questions.  We are all about sharing some of our answers!  Our practice celebrates each and every new baby we meet.