Jenni is our pediatric nurse extraordinaire! She joins us after working many years in the NICU. Jenni is married to Dr. Tommy Han, who is a dentist and they have three children. Next time you are in the office, be sure to check out Jenni’s socks, they are sure to give you a smile.

Below are three truths and one fib.

Wanna Get to Know Jenni?

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I have never seen a Star Wars movie.


True! I love movies but have never seen a single Star Wars movie. This can get awkward when your last name is Han and someone makes a joke about “Han Solo.”

I received a nursing excellence award for my final teaching project at the conclusion of my Masters of Science in Nursing Program.



I HATE coffee.


Fib! I jokingly survive on coffee and love that Richmond has so many amazing roasteries. Blanchards is my all-time favorite!

My first job was in high school was at a dog grooming shop.


True! I love animals and I always thought I wanted to be a vet.